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Sewing Equipments


Hold Harmless Agreement
We, the Undersigned, agree to hold Sandra St. George and all Sandi’s Sewing and Design harmless and not liable for any accidents that might occur to our child/me while attending a sewing/craft lesson.  We understand Sandi’s Sewing and Design will do its best to prevent accidents.
I or my child’s work and or photo may be published by Sandi’s Sewing and Design for marketing purposes only.  If not acceptable and signing up online, please accept the terms and specify in the "concerns" section.  You may still attend class. 
We will collect your name, email, and phone number for registration purposes only. Sandi's will not sell your name or personal information.
Payment Policy:
Camps:  A $100 non-refundable deposit is required. 
Full payment is required at the time of each class, Sandi’s will accept credit/debit cards, check, PayPal, Vimeo and cash.
All sewing equipment is provided; students may be required to purchase sewing materials and notions depending on the class project of their choosing.
If you cannot attend a class, please contact Sandi to see if you may attend another one for the same week.  If you cannot attend that one, no refunds are available. 
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