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Sewing Equipments

One Day Fun Day!&
Summer Camps


One day or One Week
Ages 7+ up

Preregistration required.  Ages 7+up unless stated otherwise.  Bring a snack and drink if desired.  Includes all supplies.  No experience necessary

Summer Camp 2024
Join us for the fun.  You will have use of your own sewing machine.  Your instructor, Sandi has 15+ years of teaching experience.  Classes include all supplies.  You will make some fun projects and learn a lifelong skill.  All levels are welcome!

July 1- One Day Only-Star Spangled Fun Headband & T-Shirt- $50
July 2- One Day Only- Flag Pillow- $50
July 3- One day Only-Summer Flower Bouquet- $50
July 8- Sandi's Beginner Class- 10th Anniversary Special- $275
July 15-I'm a Swiftie- $375
July 22- Classic Video Game Week- $375
July 29- One Day Only- Ice Cream Pillow- $60
July 30- One Day Only- Pint Size Ice Cream Holder- $60
July 31- One Day Only- Watermelon Pencil Holder- $60
Aug 1- One Day Only- Pizza Bag- Sandi's Favorite- $60
Aug 2- One Day Only- Make an Apron- $60
Aug 5-Recharge, Relax & Unplug- $375
Aug 12- One Day Only- Sleep Mask & Toothbrush Holder- $60
Aug 13- One Day Only- Tote Bag- $60
Aug 14- One Day Only- Toiletry Bag- $60 
Aug 15- One Day Only- Reading Pillow- $60
Aug 16- One Day Only- Sleep Shorts- $60
Aug 12- Sleep over Ready- $375
Aug 19- I'm a Swiftie- $375
Aug 26- Harry Potter- $375

All camps are 9am-Noon
Monday through Friday with the exception of July 1,2,3 week.
Ages 7 and up no experience needed.
Bring a snack and beverage.
Summer camps 2024

If you have a group of 5-8 students and would like to reserve a week and theme, contact Sandi 

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