Historical Sewing

This week I made a historic trip to Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Our ambition was to visit the local tourist attractions. So we booked a room and made reservations for the train

My husband and I made the trip from home by train.As we found out that parking was very limited and an additional charge of $30 per night to park at the hotel. So off we go, my first trip by train. I found it to be very comfortable. I was able to watch movies, doze in and out and not worry about being the co pilot along the route. We had our lunch via the dining car and arrived at our destination right on time. The 30th station in PA was a beautiful old building, lots of food shops and a book store. We then took a cab 2.5 miles to our hotel.

The hotel was right in the mist of the history. We were able to walk to most of the spots we wanted to visit. We started our trip with a visit to the visitors center. We made an itinerary of sorts and begin our visit. The first day out we took the Big Bus Hop on Hop off, to the Eastern State Penitentiary. Wow, what a place, if this does not scare you on a straight path in life, then there is no hope for you. the temp this day is 94 degrees. I could not even imagine spending more than an hour just visiting. Th confinement is just airy, no luxuries at this place. the only lighting per cell was a small skylight hole.

We continued our visit to all the typical places such as the Liberty Bell, the Mint, Independence hall, and the American Revolution Museum. A very nice museum with all the history I can take. I did come across some sewing items from the times. (pictured below). Most of these supplies are used in making sails and tents, but still interesting to me as a seamstress.

We made a final stop at The Betsy Ross House. Ok, we are now in my territory. Betsy is all about sewing. We were able to toured the house and saw her workshop

and upstairs we viewed her bedroom were she sewed the first American flag.

I learned that she had to sew the flag in secret as if found out, she could have been hung for treason. What a Rebel! What a women! It is said that Betsy made a living in wages above what most men made at the time.

We were able to meet Betsy in her shop, she filled us in on the scoop as to why the flag uses the five pointed starts. It seems that George Washington wanted six points on the stars as to replicated the stars on his uniform but Betsy told him that the five stars were much faster and easier to cut. She gave me her secret, but she would not share it with the men, as this is a women to women business secret.

Visiting the Betsy Ross house was the highlight of my visit to Philadelphia. As a 21st century business women, being inspired by a 18th century women was quite inspirational. She showed true courage, a 3 timed widow raising 7 daughters.

We really enjoyed our visit to Philly, the city was very clean, easy to get around and some fun restaurants were visited. We did notice though, in the area that we stayed there was nothing to do in the evening. It was hard to find information on restaurants, and other activities other than historical sights.

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