Fall classes beginning Sept 21st

Time        Tuesday          Wednesday         Thursday          Friday        Saturday

10am                                                                                                         Children

11am                                                                                                         Children

 1pm        Sew school                                      Adult          Sew School

 4pm        Mom& Me          Children             Children         Children 

 5pm          Teen                 Children                Teen           Mom & Me

 6:15          Adult               Mom & Me           Cosplay            Adult


  1 person class $25/hour

2 person class $40/hour

Children classes ages 7 -12 $25/hour

Teen classes ages 12- 18  $25/hour

Mom and Me, Any combination adult and child  -$40/hour (2 people)

Cosplay - Ages 16 and up, creating costumes for fairs and conventions.  $25/hour

Sew School - Ages 7 and up, meets once a week for 6 weeks.  Learn basic life skills including Hand sewing, ironing, sewing machine, embroidery, loom knitting and more.   $25/hour

All Classes are Open Enrollment. 

You can Jump in at Anytime or Stop & Rejoin Later.  No Commitments! 

Classes are 1 Hour Long. 

Reservations are Required.


Registration is a Two Step Process. 

Step 1. Fill out form above & Hit "Submit"

Step 2. Please pay your class fee. You can pay via Paypal, stopping into our studio, calling us or mailing us a check, or on the day of class.